VR Education Release Virtual Reality Titanic Trip - 30 James Street

VR Education Release Virtual Reality Titanic Trip


Founded in 2014, VR Education are enabling VR users to cruise on the RMS Titanic. Titanic VR situates video-gamers aboard the historic vessel the evening it collided with an iceberg in April 1912.

VR Education

Titanic VR has been launched on numerous platforms such as Oculus Rift, HTC, PC, and Windows Mixed Reality. However, David Whelan – VR Education’s managing executive – is especially buoyant about the headset’s highly anticipated release on PlayStation VR. The Waterford located company are expecting to replicate the experience of its Apollo 11 VR showcase which received exceptional reviews and was described as “a breathtaking educational experience.”

“Importantly,” noted Whelan, “the release will occur in the current financial year and will allow Titanic VR to have exposure on this major platform (PlayStation VR) over the Christmas trading period.”

The Virtual Reality headset users can actually witness the sinking of the fabled vessel in addition to exploring the subsequent shipwreck due to countless hours of absorbing gameplay.

Titanic VR

Consumers can witness the famous event from the viewpoint of a courageous survivor. Players follow the Mathew family and their heroic attempt to board the limited number of lifeboats; and reconvene with likeminded survivor’s on-board lifeboat number 6.

Additionally, VR users can also submerge themselves in the Atlantic Ocean and explore the sunken wreckage. Adopting the persona of Dr. Ethan Lynch – Associate Professor of Maritime Archaeology at the imaginary University of Nova Scotia – Titanic VR players can navigate their passage through the colossal shipwreck while simultaneously collecting precious artifacts and unveiling unknown truths.

TitanicNevertheless, Titanic VR is primarily an educational device. The aptly named VR Education’s central focus is its online learning and corporate platform.

Interest in the RMS Titanic

“Interest in the RMS Titanic is as strong as ever,” said David Dickinson. This fascination has endured in Liverpool where the colossal vessel’s managing company – the White Star Line – had its headquarters in James Street. The organization of RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage, including the selection and schooling of its workers, was overseen by Commodore Charles Alfred Bartlett, White Star’s superintendent at James Street.

10% of Titanic’s workers on that maiden voyage were from Merseyside, whilst the majority of its key employees had originally sailed from Liverpool for the White Star Line.

RMS Titanic Artefacts

The key reason why VR Education users can explore the sunken shipwreck is because people are still fascinated by the treasures from its watery cargo. These include diamond bracelet’s worth a staggering $200 million, pocket watches, and luxurious fur coats.

These treasures and artefacts from the RMS Titanic are surrounded by a whirlwind of interest from both maritime aficionados and auctioneers.

The Home of Titanic

Immerse yourself in RMS Titanic’s stimulating history by visiting 30 James Street – the home of the iconic vessel. Explore the beautifully and respectfully restored White Star Headquarters, which has been lovingly transformed into a luxurious Liverpool hotel.

Dine in luxury inside Carpathia, an exquisite rooftop restaurant named and themed after the rescue vessel that saved the 705 RMS Titanic survivors, or enjoy relaxing in Morgan’s Spa.


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