The UK's Most Luxurious Titanic-themed Hotel - 30 James Street

The UK’s Very Own Titanic-themed Hotel

titanic-themed hotel

Step inside the most luxurious Titanic-themed hotel in the UK, 30 James Street. Once the headquarters of the White Star Line and steeped in fascinating history, this marvellous hotel tells the infamous story of RMS Titanic at every turn.

From the elegant costumes to the striking dining spaces, James Cameron’s Titanic movie brought audiences a glimpse into the world of poise and propriety aboard the RMS Titanic in 1912. For fans of the film who were captivated by the ship’s iconic interior, look no further than 30 James Street Hotel – Home of the Titanic for the ultimate Titanic-themed getaway.

A Wonderful Titanic-themed Hotel

30 James Street

At 30 James Street Hotel – Home of the Titanic, we’re dedicated to honouring the fascinating stories of RMS Titanic. Based within the former headquarters of the White Star Line, we have preserved and pay tribute to the amazing stories and people connected to the ocean liner.

From opulent rooms and suites, to a stunning rooftop restaurant and bar dedicated to RMS Carpathia and our tranquil Morgan’s Spa, 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic is much more than just a luxury Liverpool hotel.

Celebrate the city of Liverpool’s unique and extensive maritime history in truly opulent surroundings. Whether you’re looking for group accommodation with friends or more of a romantic break, we offer a range of rooms and suites with something for everyone.

Luxury Themed Rooms

Our luxury rooms are in-keeping with the stunning décor of the original ship that can be seen replicated in the film. Our friendly staff ensure that guests feel like first-class passengers with high-quality facilities in our striking rooms.

titanic-themed hotel30-j-st-860titanic-themed hotel

Equipped with deluxe double beds, beautiful furniture and intricate ceilings, the modern twist of Jacuzzi whirlpool baths bring guests the perfect balance of history and modern luxury.

Wine and Dine in style


You can wine and dine in style at 30 James Street within our very own Carpathia Restaurant. This lovely dining space is named after the heroic RMS Carpathia, which famously rescued all 705 Titanic survivors.

Carpathia braved dangerous ice fields and diverted all steam power to her engines in her rescue mission and her story is still celebrated today as one of the strongest tales of bravery and strength in a time of adversity.

You can expect only the most high-quality of meals from our diverse menu, designed to cater to everyone. Choose from both filling and lighter options, with great choices for vegetarians.

Carpathia new roof terrace

This luxurious restaurant will soon be expanded to feature brand-new terraces that overlook the stunning Liverpool waterfront. With breathtaking views and an unrivalled atmosphere, Carpathia is the perfect place to enjoy a meal or drinks in Liverpool.

Join us for an unforgettable dining experience and pay tribute to this outstanding story.

A City Connected to The Story

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With the backdrop of Liverpool’s waterfront, it’s easy to feel enchanted by the maritime stories that the city is built on. In fact, Liverpool is linked in multiple ways to the iconic RMS Titanic itself.

As featured in the film, Liverpool’s name was carried on the stern of the ship, while Titanic’s kitchen ranges were made by Henry Wilson and Company in Liverpool. Not forgetting, Titanic’s Captain Smith lived just outside of Liverpool in Waterloo while based in Merseyside for 40 years. The ship’s lookout who spotted the fateful iceberg also came from Liverpool himself.

Providing in-depth insight into the city’s maritime history, 30 James Street is only a short walk away from the Albert Dock and the fantastic Maritime Museum, where you can see the only surviving first-class ticket for the Titanic and discover the history of Liverpool’s famous waterfront.

To book your stay at this one of a kind hotel, you can chat to one of our friendly team on 0151 236 9659 or book your stay online. To keep up to date with new offers, follow us on Facebook. 

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