Superior Double

Room Style
  • The New York Floor

Marconi Suite
  • The Fortune Floor

About Guglielmo Marconi Guglielmo Marconi, a pioneering Italian inventor and electrical engineer was presented with a free passage on the […]

Fortune Suite
  • The Fortune Floor

about the fortune family The wealthy Fortune family embarked on a grand tour of Greece, Italy, France and the Middle […]

West End Suite
  • The London Floor

About the west end The West End in London has played host to a variety of Titanic musicals, such as The […]

The 400 Suite
  • The Olympic Floor

About 400 The 400 was the yard that RMS Olympic was built in at in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and was next […]

Olympic Stateroom Suite
  • The Olympic Floor

About the Olympic RMS Olympic was RMS Titanic’s sister ship, with both vessels being identical to one another. She loyally served […]

Harland Suite
  • The Oceanic Floor

About Edward Harland Edward James Harland was one half of Harland & Wolff, a shipping company in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The […]

Cunard Suite
  • The Oceanic Floor

About Cunard The Cunard Line was the arch rival to the White Star Line, the company who built RMS Titanic. In […]

Lightoller Suite
  • The Titanic Floor

Room Description The Lightoller Suite is exceptionally unique, offering the only balcony on the Titanic floor, and stunning design that […]