Titan Suite – 30 James Street

Titan Suite

Extra Large
International Channels
Large safe

Room Description

Individually designed and created with style, class and comfort in mind, all of the suites at 30 James Street are like nothing you have ever seen before. The blending of classic furnishings with contemporary fixtures and fittings give the rooms a luxurious feel.

The stunning furnishings have been crafted by our very own carpenters on site, which means you won’t find the same piece twice throughout the hotel. The Titan Suite sleeps up to five people in two double beds and one single sofa bed.

The room also boasts a WiFi connection, iron and ironing board tea and coffee making facilities, a smart TV with full internet access, 19 international channels, a telephone and a large safe.

Not forgetting the bathroom which has a spectacular double whirlpool bath and large walk-in shower, with luxury toiletries provided.

About Titan

Originally named Futility, then renamed the Titan, this book was written 10 years prior to RMS Titanic’s sinking. The novel was based on an unsinkable ship that hits an iceberg and sinks in Newfoundland, Canada. There were also a limited number of lifeboats on the ship, leading to the unnecessary loss of lives.

For anyone who knows the story of RMS Titanic’s sinking, the similarities are incredibly remarkable, and it is as almost as if the writer, Morgan Robertson, predicted the tragic maritime event and its details when he publish the book in 1898.


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Main Features

  • View: Moor Street
  • Room Type: Luxury Double
  • Occupancy: 5
  • Double Beds: 2
  • Sofa Beds: 1
  • Jacuzzi: Yes