Millvina Dean Quarters – 30 James Street

Millvina Dean Quarters

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Room Description

The Millvina Dean Quarters offers the grandeur of the White Star Line’s RMS Titanic, whilst providing a host of modern facilities that are bound to impress, including Sky TV (coming soon), and WiFi. You will feel every inch the first-class passenger when you’re a guest in this Titanic-inspired room, which features luxurious period furnishings that were made on-site by our talented carpenters.

Experience the beauty and elegance of the world’s premier cruise line, with two comfortable double beds, two sofa beds and a convenient kitchenette. You can even relax in a double whirlpool bath, with a variety of luxury toiletries for a truly indulgent stay.

About Millvina Dean

Millvina Dean was the youngest person to be rescued from the RMS Titanic at just 9 weeks old, and she was also the last remaining survivor, as she lived until her 97th birthday.

The Dean family were never supposed to have been third-class passengers on RMS Titanic, as they were transferred to the ship due to the coal strike. Millvina’s father, Bertram Frank Dean, unfortunately did not survive the sinking.


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Main Features

  • View: James St & Docks
  • Room Type: Premier Quarters
  • Occupancy: 6
  • Double Beds: 2
  • Sofa Beds: 2
  • Dining Table: Yes
  • Kitchenette: Yes
  • Jacuzzi: Yes