RMS Britannic Cabin – 30 James Street

RMS Britannic Cabin

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Room Description

The RMS Britannic cabin sleeps eight people, and offers the perfect blend of elegant period decoration with impressive modern technologies, as we provide Sky TV (coming soon), WiFi, and a smart TV. Our luxurious furnishings, which were inspired by the RMS Titanic, were also made on-site by our team of talented carpenters.

This sophisticatedly spacious room, situated on the lower ground, offers all the beauty and glamour that’s synonymous with the Titanic era, and replicates the opulent environment aboard the famous White Star shipping liner. Everything you need will be just a stone’s throw away, including four double beds and a deluxe double whirlpool bath.

About the RMS Britannic

Built in 1914, the RMS Britannic was regarded, at the time, as the largest ship in the world, and was originall called the RMS Gigantic. It was the third of the three Olympic-class ocean liners by the White Star Line; the first being the RMS Olympic and the second was the RMS Titanic. However, the ship was never used for its intended purpose, as it was utilised as a hospital ship during WWI. Unfortunately, the ship was struck by a German mine just two years later in 1916.


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Main Features

  • View: Below Deck
  • Room Type: Cabin
  • Occupancy: 8
  • Double Beds: 4
  • Jacuzzi: Yes