Lawrence Kenwright and raising the Titanic - 30 James Street

Lawrence Kenwright and raising the Titanic

The heading for this page is Lawrence Kenwright and raising the Titanic, which is a play with words on my behalf, clearly this could never be achieved, but I do feel that in someways that I have brought back into use the only building in the World that can actually be called the Home of the Titanic.

It is widely known that 30 James Street, which is the original name given to this building by the very man that owned the White Star line and who in turn owned the ill fated Titanic vessel, is the very building that the Titanic was registered to, it is also the building that was surrounded by the family members of the crew eagerly awaiting the news of their loved ones from the calamity.

When I purchased this building on the 27th December 2013 I really did not understand the level of anticipation that this building would create when it would be brought back into use.

The first glimmer of this was the very first time that this building would be brought back into the public domain, both Katie and I felt the need to share this building for the first time in its entire existence with the public in April 2014, we were expecting in the region of 200 people.

Here is a picture of the queues that cascaded around the entire block running both ways until the queues met at the rear of the building

Lawrence Kenwright
Lawrence Kenwright, 30 James Street, A stunning Liverpool Hotel
Not long after we decided to open 30 James Street to the public, we were opening it as a Hotel, it was now the 5th April 2014 and we opened two floors of accommodation and the Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant followed by a new floor every month until August, it seems that I only thrive on ridiculously tight schedules and this was to be no different, each month got harder as the whole Liverpool workforce were getting more and more jaded, tempers were starting to fray especially mine, as I was designing and building literally on site and nothing ever seemed to work in the way that I had hoped, but were there is a will there is a way, and we certainly trail blazed right through any issues that laid in our path.

30 James Street, was finally finished in August 2014 just 7 months after we started the build process, to my knowledge this has to be a record, due to its heritage status and the fact that we were endeavouring to shoe horn a modern hotel into a grade 2 star listed building, just made the whole process so much more arduous than we could have ever imagined

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