Trafalgar Hotel – 30 James Street

Trafalgar Hotel

Cunard Building

Cunard Building

The Trafalgar is a hotel situated in Central London and it was in the Trafalgar’s boardroom where the news of the Titanic sinking was broken.

Since then it has been used for filming of the classic Bond film Dr.No and the Ipcress File, which starred Michael Caine and is actually owned by the Hilton Company.

It was also once the home to the Cunard Steamship Company which is an American owned shipping company who also have offices in Southampton.

The company has an extensive history and links to Liverpool. It was in direct competition with the White Star Line, who built the Titanic ship as well as its two sister ships.

Cunard commissioned two ships to compete with other ship building companies in 1903. One of these ships took a Liverpool- New York route.

As a result of this the White Star Line refused to be outdone and decided on building the trio of super liners  that are now so famous today.

In 1916, Cunard Line built its European headquarters in Liverpool, moving in on 16th June. The Cunard building is now famous in the city and is the third of the three graces.

The Grade II listed building sits on the waterfront and was built with an Italian influence in mind.