Manhattan – 30 James Street


manhatten-portWhen RMS Titanic set out on her maiden voyage on 10th April 1912, her destination was for Manhattan, New York. However, the large ocean liner never made it to Pier 59, the port were the ship’s passengers were meant to depart.

Only 712 people from RMS Titanic made it to New York, as they were rescued by RMS Carpathia on 15th April 1912, and arrived at the Cunard Line port, Pier 54, on 18th April 1912.

40,000 people awaited the survivors to welcome them to New York, with many receiving clothing, shelter and food from charity organisations and kind New Yorkers.

Broadway in Manhattan also ensures that the world never forgets the story of RMS Titanic and its passengers and crew, as this theatreland has been the host of countless Titanic plays over the years, including Titanic the Musical and The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

Manhattan is also the home of Isidor and Ida Straus, the founders of Macy’s department store, which is still in the borough today. The Isidor and Ida Straus Memorial is also located in Straus Park, Manhattan. The inscription reads “Lovely and pleasant they were in their lives, and in death they were not divided”.

In honour of the vessel’s connection to Manhattan, and the kindness of the New York people, our Manhattan Turret suite pays tribute to the New York City borough.