Harold Arthur Sanderson

Harold Arthur Sanderson

Harold Arthur SandersonCheshire born Richard Arthur Sanderson was born in Bebington, Wirral, on 20th October 1852, to Richard Sanderson and Eliza Palmer Zara Hicks.

In 1878, Sanderson’s father moved to New York city where he founded the firm Sanderson & Son, Harold, taking over management of the firm in the 1880s.

He went on to marry Maud Blood in New York in 1885, and the pair had five children together. On returning to England in 1893, he was appointed manager of the White Star Line and later became a partner in Ismay, Imrie & Co, the Star Line’s parent company.

He was the first passenger to ever travel aboard on the ship as her sole passenger on the delivery trip from Belfast to Southampton.

After the disaster, Sanderson made statements during the investigation into the sinking of the ship. In the board meeting, which took place in Liverpool on 22nd April 1912, he said: “In the Titanic we produced a ship which we believe had only her sister vessel, the Olympic, for a peer, and even this latter vessel was, in some important respects, surpassed by her newer sister.

“We knew we had put two ships in the service which surpassed all others in size and magnificence. But more than this, we believed that we had made these ships practically unsinkable and absolutely safe for ocean travel.”

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