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The Ultimate Titanic Gift Guide

White Star Line

Ah Christmas. The season of benevolence and bounty. Whether it’s your Leonardo DiCaprio loving cousin or your boat obsessed brother, you’ll almost certainly have a Titanic devotee to buy for this Christmas. And, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be running through Liverpool ONE asking yourself whether or not your neighbour would want a Kate Winslet cardboard cutout.

But don’t brood. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate naval-themed present to go into the stocking that’s hanging above the fireplace or a piece of memorabilia, we have you covered.

We’ve rounded up our pick of this Christmas’ top Titanic presents.

A White Star Line Advertisement

White Star Line
Source: Sixth City Design

Jack Dawson won his famous ticket for the unsinkable vessel in a game of poker – he mustn’t have saw this White Star Line advertisement. Well, this outstanding reproduction of the notorious Ad by Sixth City Design would be an ideal present for any Titanic enthusiast.

This spectacular image of our very own White Star Line captures the Titanic’s charming splendour in impeccable detail.

“The Largest Steamer in the World” is blazoned across the skyey background as this 15×20 picture is ideal for a fashionable frame.

Anything Titanic related from Sixth City Design is guaranteed to overwhelm and amaze any White Star lover.

A Remote-Controlled Boat

Something remote controlled is a fundamental Christmas present – something to be mucked about with on Christmas Day and then never to be taken out of the box again. However, a remote-controlled boat decorated to resemble the Titanic is ideal for those armchair, White Star Line captains and could buck the trend.

There are numerous remote-controlled boats that are not only awesome to use, but also celebrate the Titanic and its captivating narrative.

We can’t guarantee that this present will make it past Boxing Day, but what we can guarantee is that a remote-controlled vessel will provide tonnes of joy on Christmas Day.

Afternoon Tea at 30 James Street

30 James Street – home of the Titanic is the most wondrous venue to celebrate Christmas. The previous headquarters of the White Star Line Company is an iconic structure saturated in naval history.

Any Titanic fan would adore a spot of afternoon tea at 30 James Street’s Champagne Bar & Restaurant located within the White Star Line headquarters. From savoury sandwiches to sensational mince pies and yule logs, there is something for everyone to treasure this Christmas.

White Star LineSet inside 30 James Street’s Titanic-themed restaurant, you can bask in breathtaking views of the waterfront all while tucking into this uniquely old-money feast.

Call today on 0151 601 8801 or email to book a spot of afternoon tea, or any of our other amazing offers.

A Diving Tour

White Star Line

This is a present for someone you truly love. In 2019, deep-pocketed tourists will be able to dive to and view the wreck of the Titanic.

OceanGates’ adventure begins in Newfoundland, Canada, and will transport invitees – or ‘mission specialists’ as OceanGate calls them – in a titanium submarine to the colossal vessel’s final resting place.

This $105,129 experience could well be one of the last opportunities for Titanic lovers to visit the sunken steamer.

And, if OceanGates’  tour is too expensive, we’re sure James Cameron’s Oscar-winning movie Titanic will keep everyone entertained over the festive period.

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