4 Amazing Pieces of Titanic Memorabilia Sold at Auction

4 Amazing Pieces of Titanic Memorabilia Sold at Auction

Over 100 years may have passed, yet people are still fascinated by the White Star Line’s RMS Titanic and everything that the ocean liner left behind.

The objects and artefacts from Titanic are always surrounded by a whirlwind of interest from auctioneers and those looking to purchase the items for themselves.

Only recently, a star piece of Titanic memorabilia sold at an enthralling price: a fur coat worn on the ship sold at auction for £150,000. Impressively, this was almost double the estimate.

To commemorate Titanic, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting objects and artefacts recovered from the ill-fated ocean liner and delved into their journey from 14th April 1912 to today.


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Kept in the safe hands of Mabel Bennett’s family for nearly 90 years, the fur coat thrown on by the Titanic stewardess  sold for £150,000 at auction.

Chosen in a moment of panic, Ms Bennett had been wearing only a nightdress when disaster struck. The beaver lamb fur coat was thrown on before boardeding lifeboat No.5 and was worn while Ms Bennett travelled to safety upon the White Star Line’s Carpathia – the ship sent to rescue survivors from RMS Titanic.

The brave stewardess was just 33 at the time, and remarkably went on to live to the age of 96, making her the longest living female crew member of Titanic.

Prior to the auction, the stunning coat had been sold by Ms Bennett’s family in 1999 to be showcased on display in America.

The auctioneer at Henry Aldrige and Son in Wiltshire said: “This stunning coat is unique in that not only was it a personal possession of a Titanic crew member that was worn…but, to our knowledge, represents the only piece of exceptionally well provenance clothing from Titanic to ever come to auction”.



The unique pocket watch was owned by Edmund Stone,  a first class bedroom steward and owner of the master keys to the first class cabin.

Sadly, Mr Stone was one of the lost passengers who died when the ocean liner sunk into the Atlantic. His uncovered possessions, including the frozen pocket watch were returned to his widow in a canvas bag. The pocket watch stopped at 2:16, insinuating that this was the exact moment Mr Stone entered the water.

Sold at $154,000, Stone’s pocket watch set the record for Titanic memorabilia auctioned.


AP Photo/Christie’s Images, Ltd

Believed to be one of six remaining life jackets from the ocean liner, a life jacket from the fateful night sold at auction for £34,000 to an anonymous telephone bidder back in 2008.

The life jacket is damaged with several tears and stains, yet still proved a central attraction amongst various Titanic memorabilia.

Found by farmer John James Dunbar, the jacket came to light when descendants of Mr Dunbar approached auctioneers Christie’s with the miraculous find.

Identified as an exact match with authentic life jackets from the ship, any suspicions that the jacket could have been a replica were dismissed.

A spokesperson for Christie’s shared with the Daily Mail: “‘It is obvious that this lifejacket has been in the water for a period of time, which would account for the the absence of any printed marking and the presence of oil and possibly blood stains”.

titanic memorabilia: diamond bracelet

The Titanic Diamond Bracelet collection sold at a staggering $200 million at auction, showcasing the fascination with Titanic artefacts and memorabilia even to this day.

The highlight of the auction for many was the Amy diamond bracelet, which reads “Amy” on the bracelet itself. 

The exquisite piece of jewellery is thought to have belonged to either a passenger called Amelia or Ms Amanda. However, the face behind the jewel remains unknown.

The luxury RMS Titanic ship was boarded by many wealthy passengers carrying an array of striking pieces of jewellery and clothing. A plethora of fascinating, unique jewels were discovered at the bottom of the ocean and sold at auction as a mesmerising collection.

With their historical significance and rare status, it’s no wonder that Titanic memorabilia never goes out of demand.

The stories of RMS Titanic and its brave passengers certainly won’t be forgotten, and at 30 James Street Hotel we always aim to  preserve the memory of those who travelled on board. 

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