10 Wonderful Winter Pictures of Liverpool's Waterfront - 30 James Street

10 Wonderful Winter Pictures of Liverpool’s Waterfront

Princes Dock

With only 20 days to go until the most magical day of the year, we take a look at the 10 most wonderful winter pictures of Liverpool’s waterfront.

From Pierhead with it’s breathtaking Three Graces to the stunning Albert Dock, this amazing stretch is an honoured UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must see on any visit to Liverpool.

At 30 James Street we are proud to be part of this amazing area, which is home to some of the most magnificent buildings in the city, plus a great view of the River Mersey.

Check out some of the best images of our wintery waterfront.

winter pictures of Liverpool

A stunning image of the snow dusted waterfront, featuring the iconic Liver Building, as well as the Cunard Building and Matou restaurant to the left.

Albert Dock
Source: BBC

This beautiful photo shows The Albert Dock covered in a layer of snow.

Princes Dock

A cold January morning at Princes Dock. This photograph was taken in 1972 and shows two men stopping for a chat with the stunning backdrop of the Liver Building peeking through the mist.

Albert Dock
Source: Little Time Machine

Next in our list of the most wonderful winter pictures of Liverpool is this striking shot of the Albert Dock on a cold winters evening. Taken in 2016, the picture shows how the spectacular Christmas lights that decorate the moored ships.

Liverpool docks
Credit: Fabio Melato Pereira

A brilliant winter picture of the Mersey and the docks.

Albert Dock in the fog

In the depths of winter, this picture is an amazing example of how The Albert Dock looks on chilly days.

Frozen River Mersey
 Source: Streetsofliverpool.com

One of the most fascinating winter pictures of Liverpool, this photograph was taken  in February 1895 when the Mersey was famously frozen over from shore to shore. The log of the HMS Conway, moored at Rock Ferry, revealed that it was possible to walk from Liverpool to Birkenhead. The freeze lasted over two weeks and an iceberg some 12 feet high and 60 feet wide was photographed in the River Dee.

Liverpool waterfront
Source: roughguides.com

This beautiful image shows Liverpool’s waterfront as the sun sets, the Liver Building’s clock is glowing a stunning orange colour and contrasts beautifully with white snow on the ground.

snowy liver bird
Source: BalticTriangle.com

A snow capped Liver bird.

30 James Street

Finally, in our list of the most wonderful winter pictures of Liverpool’s waterfront is the magnificent 30 James Street. Taken on a cold winters evening, this photograph shows the spectacular, historic building in all its glory.

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