Two for one cocktails for classy after work drinks in Liverpool

Classy Two for One Cocktails all Week in Carpathia

Liverpool city centre has no end of delightful cocktail bars, but none compare to the Carpathia Rooftop Champagne Bar and rooftop terrace. Join us and take advantage of our fantastic 2-4-1 cocktail offer this week, perfect for classy after work drinks in Liverpool or a lazy Sunday evening tipple.

The simply stunning views of Liverpool’s world heritage waterfront and unique historical theme are enough to keep people coming back time and time again. Not to mention the delicious menu of quality food and drinks created by the talented bar and kitchen staff.

Our 2-4-1 cocktails will be served Sunday-Thursday 5-7pm, and then again for you night owl’s 9 pm – close.  Make your way to Carpathia for our happy hours and see what else we have worth visiting at the Carpathia Champagne Bar.

Waterfront views

Carpathia rooftop terrace - afterwork drinks in Liveprool

Come along and enjoy watching the sunset across the Wirral from the stylish rooftop terrace area at Carpathia. Pick your favourite two cocktails to enjoy all to yourself or perhaps as a to treat for someone special.

If you are lucky enough to be spending the night in our luxury Titanic-themed hotel then you needn’t venture out into the city for a great view of Liverpool. Simply make your way to the 7th floor and set up camp on the terrace.

If it’s chilly we even have fluffy blankets on hand to keep you warm so you can enjoy watching the stars come out until late.

Trust us there’s nothing more enjoyable than an evening view from Carpathia across the Albert Dock’s twinkling star-lit waters.

Unique Historical Theme

RMS CarpathiaLike the rest of the hotel, Carpathia has been fashioned around an iconic part of maritime history.

For those unfamiliar with the details of the RMS Titanic’s story, RMS Carpathia was the name of the rescue ship that responded to the distress call made when the ship began sinking.

The sad fact is that despite the gallant efforts of Cpt. Rostron RMS Carpathia didn’t reach RMS Titanic for four hours, coming too late to save the masses of passengers unable to find space in a lifeboat.

After striking the iceberg RMS Titanic only managed to stay afloat for 2 hours, therefore, sinking a whole 2 hours before RMS Carpathia arrived.

When the rescue ship did reach it’s destination 703 passengers were pulled from lifeboats onto the deck, and were attended to by passengers and crew. An astonishing 1,497 souls were lost at sea following the sinking of RMS Titanic, those who survived were only able to recount the tragedy they had experienced.

Throughout the Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant, every effort has been made to replicate the first class standards found on board RMS Carpathia and RMS Titanic. From the stylish decor to the staff service and attire, every detail is in place to provide visitors with a sense of what first class life would have been like on board one of the world famous vessels

From the intricate stylish decor to the staff service and attire, every detail is in place to provide visitors with a sense of what first class life would have been like on board one of the world famous vessels.

Our Amazing menus

Two for one cocktail - after work drinks in LiverpoolIt comes as no surprise that at 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic we wanted every aspect of our hotel and service to reflect the first class standards of the early 19th century. Our efforts were also applied to the standard of food and drinks we provide in Carpathia.

Our food menu consists of dishes that are not only a joy to eat to behold as well. Each plate is designed to provide guests with a fine dining experience from within a truly unique dining venue.

The talented chef and kitchen staff serve food that has been crafted from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and presented in an artful and appetising fashion.

To accompany such a delicious menu, our cocktail menu had to equal the foods visual appeal and deliver on taste as well.

During our 2-4-1 cocktail hours why not try a traditional Cosmopolitan or our refreshing Melon & Appletini?

Make the most of your visit to the UK’s greatest city this weekend and enjoy a drink or two in Carpathia’s Rooftop Champagne Bar.

Our 2-4-1 for one cocktail hours are ideal for hotel guests as well as those wanting to visit a unique cocktail bar for after work drinks in Liverpool with a twist.

Call ahead and book your spot on 0151 236 9659 or email for more information on what we have on  offer at 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic.

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