A Trio Of Terrific Titanic Brewery Beers at Caprathia - 30 James Street

A Trio Of Terrific Titanic Brewery Beers at Caprathia

As of Tuesday 28th February, Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant have been serving a trio of terrific ales supplied by the Titanic Brewery. During your visit to Liverpool’s favourite Titanic themed hotel make your way to the Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant to taste one of three delicious beers direct from the Titanic Brewery.

Each of the Titanic-themed beers has an individual blend of hops and malts so we can provide every beer enthusiast with a refreshing beer they will enjoy.

White Star

White Star - Titanic Brewery

How quaint to be sitting in what was once the White Star Line offices, sipping a refreshing pint of a beer with the same name.

The White Star beer brewed by Titanic Brewery is said to be refreshing and easy to drink with a distinct hoppy flavour.

A drink that has been awarded the Beer of the year for two years running at Beer of West Midlands competitions.


Iceberg - Titanic Brewery

Taking its name for obvious reasons Titanic Brewery have put this beverage firmly in the speciality bracket of their drinks.

Iceberg is a delightful beer made from a delicious blend of pale and fine wheat malt, which provides a crisp and zesty taste to the drink.

Another award winner, Iceberg has been awarded the gold standard four times in the Beer of West Midlands competition.

Captain Smith

Cpt Smith - Titanic Brewery

The reason for the name Titanic Brewery was Captain Smith’s hometown was moments away from where the brewery was founded, the brewery was therefore named in honour of the great man.

As was one of the speciality beers produced in Titanic Brewery. The mix of full-bodied hoppy bitter has a roast malt flavour that is rounded off with a subtle sweetness.

As with the previous two selections, Captain Smith’s is a pint that has won the gold standard award, this time as a supreme champion drink in the North Midlands Beer competition.


The full Titanic experience

30 James Street Hotel entrance

What a great way to round off an amazing Titanic experience. For fans and enthusiasts of the RMS Titanic’s history, simply walking into 30 James Street will satisfy your hunger for Titanic-related knowledge.

Our entire hotel has been furnished to replicate the first-class quarters on board the world-famous liner.

Each luxury rooms have a name that represents a link to the RMS Titanic and our very own Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant has been inspired by the rescue ship that came gallantly to RMS Titanic’s aid.

Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant

Our knowledgeable staff will share facts about the history of our magnificent building and help you learn all the little-known links between Liverpool and the RMS Titanic.

Why not book a special gift for someone who is fascinated by the RMS Titanic by choosing from a selection of wonderful offers at 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic. All of them have been tailored to give our guests an amazing experience of Liverpool and an unforgettable all round RMS Titanic experience.

Call on 0151 6018801 or email info@signatureliving.co.uk to ask any questions or to book your stay.

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