Signature Living Reveal Plans for Belfast Titanic Themed Hotel - 30 James Street

Signature Living Reveal Plans for Belfast Titanic Themed Hotel

The creators behind the iconic 30 James Street Hotel – Home of the Titanic have released exciting expansion plans for Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast.

Signature Living today announced its plans to develop five hotels including a George Best and Titanic-themed buildings. Together, these five hotels have the potential to create over 500 jobs in the city and increase tourism in the city.

The Liverpool-based developers are close to securing two buildings and are hoping for another three in the near future.

The building, just like 30 James Street, has the potential to become an iconic landmark destination, which can be enjoyed and appreciated by the public. Again, like 30 James Street, the hotel will celebrate the building’s history as well as the city it belongs to.

30-james-street-imageThe city has deep routed connections to the historic, ill-fated Titanic ship as it was built in Belfast. The city is furthermore home to a Titanic Quarter and the world’s largest titanic attraction in the form of The Titanic Experience, a $150 million tourist centre on the slipway where the Titanic was built from 1909 to 1911.

This Belfast-based Titanic Hotel will, just like 30 James Street, celebrate the ship’s history as well as the people aboard and involved in the ship as well as the building it resides. 30 James Street and the accompanying Carpathia Restaurant is home to a number of unique artefacts with floors and suites dedicated to individuals and places of importance to the Titanic and we’re looking forward to seeing this new Titanic themed hotel come to life.

Another themed hotel which has been confirmed by Signature Living is for a George Best hotel. with the blessing of his family, this unique hotel will follow the same suite as The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool which pays homage to the legendary LFC manager, Bill Shankly. The George Best hotel will celebrate the personal and professional life of the northern Irish player with Signature Living founder, Lawrence Kenwright saying; “we are using the knowledge that we have gleaned from the Shankly Hotel. Every room has a story of an individual that knew him.

“It’s about unearthing those stories… not so much the main life stories that everyone knows, this is about the stories you don’t know about.”

The perfect site has not been chosen yet but it’s expected to be as magnificent at other Signature Living developments.

The plans have the full backing of George Best’s family who after visiting The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool, signed a contract.

This is a hugely exciting time for Signature Living and we’re looking forward to adding Belfast to the list of Signature Living destinations.

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