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Looking Forward to Armed Forces Day in Liverpool

Liverpool has been the official host of Armed Forces Day since 2016. With strong military links from both past and present, Liverpool is a city that celebrates a rich martial heritage and continues to support a lasting relationship with the UK armed forces.

This year Armed Forces Day will take place alongside the International Mersey River Festival, bringing together a celebration of the maritime and military legacies of Liverpool in one weekend of festivities.

For our guests at 30 James Street, Saturday 24th June will be an exciting time to be staying in the hotel which has its own strong links with the maritime history of Liverpool.

A Military Past

With such a rich military heritage to look back on, Liverpool looks forwards to hosting Armed Forces Day.

Whilst you are in the city why not visit some of the historic landmarks in and around the city and learn more about Liverpool’s involvement in the defence of Britain and the support provided to Allied nations in both past and present.

Western Approaches

The Map Room at Western Approaches

During WW2 when the Germans began attacking vessels coming into the continent Combined Operations set up offices at Derby House, Exchange Flags.

The office was dubbed Western Approaches because its sole purpose was to thwart attacks and attempted incursions coming in from the west.

The Battle of the Atlantic was fought and won based on the intelligence and strategic planning that took place inside Western Approaches. Sir Winston Churchill was quoted saying;

“the only thing that ever really frightened me during the war was the U-Boat peril”

knowing, of course, that should Britain have been unsuccessful here the wartime survival of the country would have been at risk.

Today the public can visit Western Approaches and take a tour around the offices and the fully restored Bunker, or “Citadel” as it became commonly known. Or pay a visit to The Map Room which has remained untouched since 1945.

Liverpool was Britain’s lifeline during the war and maintained important communications with USA and Canada which in the end proved instrumental in the Allied victory.

Western Approaches is a lasting reminder of Liverpool’s instrumental role in not only defending Britain during WW2 but also helping to maintain the steady supply of goods into the country.


source: www.457thbombgroup.org

Originally built for the British Royal Air Force in 1938, the US began using Burtonwood in 1939 to oversee the maintenance and supply of 11,575 aircraft and over 40,000 engines, components or aircraft parts that were required during WW2.

Responsible for 30 other bases across the country as well as over 70,000 workers, Burtonwood was the first in the UK to adopt production line methods in its manufacturing process and became dubbed the Detroit of Lancashire.

Even after the 2nd World War was won, Burtonwood continued to support the US in the Cold War and Iraq Desert Storm, providing equipment to the effort.

Burtonwood at one point had over 18,000 military personnel on base in 1945, supplying the effort with new bombers and fighters as required.

There is now a museum which has artefacts including mess cards and old uniforms including flight suits decorated military attire.

Other Military Landmarks of Liverpool

In both World Wars, the enormity of lives lost was insurmountable.

Both soldiers and civilians of Liverpool paid a heavy price for the cities role in the Second World War as a bastion of force in the Battle of Atlantic. The results were that Liverpool was among the most heavily targeted provinces in the UK.

All around the city are striking monuments honouring those who were lost.

The King’s Regiment Memorial – 1905 – St Johns Gardens. For the people of Liverpool who died during wars in Afghanistan, Burma and South Africa between 1878 – 1902.
Cunard War Memorial – 1921– Pier Head. Erected in memory of Cunard employees killed during WW1 and WW2. source: www.seemytravels.com
Memorial to the Engine Room Heroes of the Titanic – 1916 – Pier Head Built in memory of the hundreds who lost their lives in the engine rooms of Titanic when it foundered, later broadened to include all lives lost at sea during WW1.
Exchange Newsroom Memorial – 1924 – behind town hall, Exchange Flags. For the Exchange Newsroom members whose lives and sons lives were lost in WW1. source: www.skyscrapercity.com
The Cotton Exchange Memorial – 1922 – inside Cotton Exchange, Old Hall Street Dedicated to the men who went to war from the Liverpool Cotton Association and perished in bot WW1 and WW2
Post Office Memorial – 1924 – Met Quarter Liverpool – 1924. In memory of the Post Office staff of Liverpool who died in WW1.
Liverpool Blitz Memorial – 2000 – Sailors’ Church Garden, Pier Head In tribute to the 4,000 civilians killed in the bombing of Liverpool during WW2
Liverpool Cenotaph – 1930 – St Georges Plateau. In memory of those who fell in the first world war and subsequently the second.
The Merchant Navy War Memorial – 1952 – Pier Head For the officers and men of the Merchant Navy who died in service of the Royal Navy

Make your way around Liverpool and see how the lives of brave individuals have been honoured and remembered in Liverpool over the decades.

The Armed Forces Day Celebrations

Dedicating a day to the sacrifice and bravery of those who have served in the Armed Forces, and those who still do, Liverpool will be rejoicing this nationwide event with its usual enthusiasm.

Famous for creativity, theatrics and storytelling Liverpool is proud to host this year’s Armed Forces Day putting on an unforgettable show for the public to attend.

This year’s event will include a city-wide procession of service men and women, painting the city streets of Liverpool with vibrant colour and marching music. The parade is due to start at St Georges Hall and will culminate at Princes Dock with a salute to visiting dignitaries.

The waterfront of Liverpool will be transformed for the day to host displays of all three branches of military service.

Visitors will be able to watch demonstrations of unarmed combat and the meticulousness of military marching.

Stationary aircraft, bomb disposal equipment, tanks and armoured vehicles will also be on display and fun activities such as field- gun races between RAF Cosford team and HMS Prince of Wales team.

The public will be given the opportunity to hop on board an operational navy ship which will be docked at Liverpool Cruise terminal and look at what living life in the navy entails

All this combined with the occasional jaw-dropping flyby of service aircraft, including historic jets as well as today’s top of the range helicopters.

Then to top the whole day off visitors can enjoy an awe-inspiring performance by the Red Arrows who never fail to impress.

Stay at 30 James Street on Armed Forces Day

The amazing location of 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic gives guests immediate access to Liverpool’s waterfront and during Armed Forces Day the area surrounding the hotel will be buzzing with life.

Book your stay to get involved in this wonderful weekend and enjoy a day celebrating those that have put their lives on the line for Britain and those that continue to do so each and every day.

Call 0151 601 8801 or email info@signatureliving.co.uk. Even if you’re not planning to stay the night, book a table in Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant to enjoy birds-eyes eye views of the whole event and a great meal from the comfort of the rooftop terrace.

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