Top highlights from theatres in Liverpool during September

Highlights from the Theatres of Liverpool in September

The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines Portsmouth - theatres in Liverpool

For September, the theatres in Liverpool are jam packed with a variety of live entertainment from memorable plays to classical music performances.

With some of the country’s best performance spaces and a strong theatrical reputation, a visit to Liverpool wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of the many theatres in town.

We’ve brought together some of the highlights shows from the theatres of Liverpool so you can make the most of your stay and 30 James Street and take your pick from all the amazing plays and performances taking place throughout September.


When: 7-16th

Where: Empire

Cilla The Musical - theatres in Liverpool
source: Twitter

A Liverpool icon and a personality of UK TV for decades, Cilla Black will be forever remembered by the nation as a Scouser with style and a heart of gold.

A recent ITV mini- series documented the early life of Cilla and her journey to stardom, The Empire captures all the highs and lows from the show in the form of a heart-warming musical.

Relive the soundtrack of the sixties with Cilla’s greatest hits such as Alfie and Anyone Who Had a Heart as well as other chart toppers of the time from Cilla’s friends The Beatles and influences from across the pond from The Mamas and the Papas.

Be prepared to fall in love with Cilla all over again as the music takes you on her journey to stardom.

All or Nothing: The Mod Musical

When: 8th-10th

Where: Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

The Mod Musical - theatres in Liverpool
source; Stage Faves

A musical performance dedicated to the time of The Mod, All or Nothing: The Mod Musical will have those who remember the phase singing and dancing along to hits from the movements musical representation, The Small Faces.

Harkening back to a time when the working classes of Britain donned sharply creased slim fit trousers, an equally sharp tailored jacket and hopped on the seat of a Vespa and took to the clubs and bars in search of the latest soul, ska and R&B music.

All or Nothing: The Mod Musical has been hailed as;

“A smile inducing night of mod nostalgia” by the Sunday Express and a way to rejuvenate the ageing population by one audience member.

In short, All or Nothing is not to be missed during your visit to Liverpool this September.

Dirty Dancing

When: 18th – 23rd

Where: Empire

Dirty Dancing - theatres in Liverpool
source: xA,meliax

Who hasn’t dreamed of spending a summer a Kellermans, being taught how to ballroom dance by the oh so talented Patrick Swayze?

Dirty Dancing was the most iconic love story of the late 80’s bringing everything audiences wanted, from dance to drama and so much more.

Now the stage adaption has made its way to Liverpool and during September audiences can watch their favourite film played out at one of the greatest Liverpool theatres the Empire.

The huge production number is performed to a soundtrack of 35 huge hit songs. Watch as iconic movie scenes are recreated live on stage and feel your heart fill up as Baby is flung into the air at the finale.

Go along and have “The Time of You Lives” at Dirty Dancing from The Empire Theatre in Liverpool.

Liverpool Jazz Club

When: 20th September

Where: Everyman Bistro

Jazz is everywhere right now, the scatty yet smooth sounds of piano, brass and bass have classy and stylish connotations that are both relaxing and inspiring.

Catch a set of live jazz at the Everyman Bistro where special guest performances put on a show of quality jazz music.

The intimate venue is reminiscent of a subterranean Parisian Café where some say the sound of modern jazz was born.

Enjoy delicious food and the occasional drink as your toes tap along to the beat, and once the main show is over there’s an invitation for everyone to join in as a jazz free for all commences culminating in an improvised symphony that could never be repeated.

For a one of a kind jazz experience in the Bistro of the most progressive of Liverpool theatres spend a night at the Everyman Bistro.

Last Train to Auschwitz

When: 21st – 24th

Where: Epstein

Last Train to Auschwitz - theatres in Liverpool

One of, if not the most harrowing event to have occurred in world history is the Holocaust. Sad and appalling as it was, passing the facts onto younger generations is an essential part of keeping an important part of world history in our minds.

The Last Train to Auschwitz tells the story of a group of women bound for the hell of concentration camps. There are details of the struggles faced by those who were imprisoned, those who were lost and those who survived to recount their experiences.

The important message from this play is that those who did survive continued to seek justice for the atrocities they suffered and that of their friends and family who were lost.

The Last Train to Auschwitz educates the audience about an unforgettable piece of world history and leaves a lasting impression of the hell those imprisoned suffered.

Dvořák’s Cello Concerto

When: 21ST – 22nd

Where: Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Dvoraks Cello Concerto - theatres in Liverpool
source: YouTube

Inspired by the states, Rachmaninov’s second symphony paired with Dvořák’s Cello Concerto is an emotional roller coaster brought to audiences in music’s finest form.

In September Liverpool Philharmonic Hall will be filled with symphonic sounds of orchestral majesty.

Inspired by the overwhelming nature Dvorak experienced when first visiting the US the cello concerto captured everything from the sweet sound of birdsong to the raging white waters of Niagra Falls.

If classical music is something you enjoy making your way to Liverpool Philharmonic and be swept away by the grand performance inside one of Liverpool’s most magnificent entertainment venues.

Red Priest: Gypsy Baroque Fantasy

When: 26th September

Where: St George’s Hall

Red Preist: Gypsy Baroque Fantasy

Founded twenty years ago Red Priest are an act that has travelled the world with their music. Their sound is a heady blend of visual and audio art including music from as early as the 17th century to later classical covers of Vivaldi and Bach.

The Gypsy Baroque Fantasy explores the likelihood that some of the most famous classical compositions of all time were originally inspired by the traditional music of travelling folk.

Red Priest themselves have put together a performance of imaginative and creative work combing their signature baroque style with the wild and free sounds of ancient gypsy music.

A real experience for the eyes and ears will be hosted in Liverpool’s iconic St George’s Hall, come along and enjoy this new and explosive programme from an established and ingenious group of talented musicians.

Tap Factory

When: 28th

Where: Empire

Tap Factory - theatres in Liverpool
source: Nottingham Theatre Company

For a night of pure pleasure book your seats at Tap Factory.

This Urban Tap Show combines all aspects of enthralling performance including music, poetry, acrobatics and of course tap.

A modern-day circus brought to you from the stage Empire Theatre, Tap Factory will have you laughing to acts of a clown like comedy sketch, amazed by energetic displays of gymnastics and dancing and blown away by astounding percussive performances.

You’ve never seen anything like Tap Factory before so don’t miss your chance to see this one of a kind show during your time in Liverpool.

The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Portsmouth

When: 30th September

Where: Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines Portsmouth - theatres in Liverpool
source: Royal Navy

An internationally acclaimed act that has been praised for the precision and the perfection of their performance, The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Portsmouth are returning to Liverpool for another show stopping performance.

Filling Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall with well known and loved music from both stage and screen the band will stir emotions and impress audiences with their polished performances.

Not only will the band perform together but there will be break off solo acts and a breathtaking display of skill and dexterity from the Royal Marines Corps of Drums.

From traditional march song to more moving military overtures, this is an act worth putting in the diary during September.

The Johnny Cash Roadshow

When: 30th September

Where: Empire

Johnny Cash Roadshow - theatres in Liverpool
source: YouTube

The man in black was well known across the world for pioneering a new sound of gospel rock in the 50’s. His deep sultry voice, signature style, dashing good looks and clever lyrics brought him unparalleled success.

His story is one of trouble and strife, of love and heartbreak but through it all Cash continued to produce amazing music until he passed away in September 2003.

The Johnny Cash Roadshow is a celebration of the life and work of a musical legend. Using narrative, music and visual displays organisers have made it so that everyone can relive the journey of Johnny Cash and his half century long career.

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