9 Touching love stories from onboard the RMS Titanic

9 Touching Love Stories from Aboard the Titanic

At 30 James Street, we try to understand and learn all we can about RMS Titanic and the history associated with it. We pride ourselves in providing you with detailed information about the passengers and crew on board as well as the lives they led. In doing this we hope to preserve their memory and help future generations appreciate the magnitude of the Titanic disaster.

Titanic means so much to so many people and the history of the sunken vessel still captivates the minds and hearts of people today. Seemingly knowing more about those onboard helps people come to grips with the tragedy.

We took a look into some of the love stories that have Titanic at their core and retell these stories to preserve the memory of those that were on board.

Isidor and Ida Straus

Ida ad Isidor Straus - love on the Titanic

A couple returning from visiting one of their seven children in Europe, Isidor and Ida Straus had been happily married for 41 years when they stepped on board the Titanic.

Founders of the department store Macy’s the wealthy couple were sleeping in first class quarters when the iceberg struck at 11:40 pm of the 14th of April.

The couple ventured onto the deck to discover lifeboats were being boarded.

It is rumoured that Ida set a foot into a lifeboat to be rescued, before turning back to remain on the sinking vessel beside her husband.

The couple were last seen together on deck, holding hands, aware of their fate.

The body of Isidor was recovered and buried in New York, sadly Ida was not found to be buried alongside her husband.

In the Macy’s department store for almost a century shoppers could read a memorial inscription “Their lives were beautiful and their deaths glorious”.

Kate Florence Phillips and Henry Samuel Morley – Heart of the Ocean

Thought to be the inspiration behind James Cameron’s Heart of the Ocean, is the story of Kate Florence Phillips and Henry Samuel Morley.

A couple who sailed on the Titanic who were heading across the seas to begin a new life together.

Kate, who was once a shop assistant in Henry’s store, fell in love with the married man whilst working for him. In a lucky turn of events, he reunited her affections.

Being a married man he sold his shop premises and gave the proceeds to his wife and family and using a portion to purchase his new love a striking necklace and presumably passage on board the Titanic.

Of course, as we know tragedy separated them and sadly Morley perished. Kate survived keeping the stunning necklace as an eternal reminder of her love.

A blessing to that she was pregnant when rescued and gave birth to a healthy daughter back home in England.

Ben Guggenhiem, his mistress and last thoughts of his wife

Ben Guggenheim A man that had enough love for two women was Benjamin Guggenheim and was known to be a courteous gentleman to the end.

Survivors recalled that both he and his valet Victor Giglio were seen escorting countless women and children into lifeboats in the most dignified manners.

His own mistress Leontine Aubart was among them to whom he called out;

“We will soon see each other again. It’s just a repair. Tomorrow Titanic will go on”

After realising that this was not the case it is reported that Guggenheim returned to his quarters and donned his finest dinner clothes stating;

“We’ve dressed up in our best and are prepared to go down like gentleman”

Guggenhiem and his valet are understood to have taken their final place by the grand staircase, enjoying a last brandy and cigar in deck chairs.

Even though Guggenheim had boarded with his mistress his last thoughts were of his dear wife, to whom he wrote

“If anything should happen to me, tell my wife I’ve done my best in doing my duty”

John Jacob Astor and Young Madeline

JJ Astor and Madeline - love on the TitanicThe richest couple on board the Titanic were the Astors, John Jacob and Madeline were also happily expecting a child, although it’s said to have been kept quite at the time.

John Jacob had married Madeline just two years after divorcing his first wife with whom he had two children.

There was gossiping surrounding the scandal of the marriage and the nearly 30-year age gap. Despite this fact, Astor was attentive of his young wife and even encouraged her to remain in their plush quarters after the berg struck the ship to prevent her discomfort.

When the time came, they would head to the boat deck at 01:45 am where eventually Madeline made her way into a lifeboat. Astor enquired if he could accompany her, only to be denied as the no-men rule was still being enforced by most of the crew.

Astor perished in the sinking of the ship and left behind him a young wife, an unborn son and two children in New York.

Edward and Ethel Beane

One pair among many honeymooners on board the Titanic whose newlywed bliss was to be rocked by catastrophe.

Edward and Ethel Beane were celebrating their new lives together on board the Titanic. When disaster struck, they like so many others were unphased by the impact, thinking Titanic unsinkable.

It wasn’t until a second warning from their neighbour that they eventually made it onto the deck.

Ethel was placed into a lifeboat and rescued by Carpathia, Edward was one of the very few men who jumped overboard from the sinking vessel to be rescued by a row boat before perishing in the freezing waters.

The pair were happily reunited on the Carpathia.

Maria de Soto Penasco and Victor Penasco

Not much is known about the wealthy Spaniards who were two of only ten to board the Titanic.

What is known I that the couple were celebrating their new marriage on board the Titanic with plans to take a two-year honeymoon trip around the world.

It’s known that Victor Penasco was a millionaire and his new wife had to prised from his arms on the deck of the Titanic to be placed in a lifeboat.

She was distraught as is to be expected and was promptly joined on the route down to the sea by her companion who was unceremoniously flung into the lifeboat after protests on board about being left behind.

The companion survived and didn’t tell of her experiences on board the Titanic until the release of the first film documenting the tragic event.

Robert Williams Daniel and Eloise Hughes-Smith

Robert and Eloise - found love on CarpathiaThey say that from the darkness must come light and this is evident in the story of Robert Williams Daniel and Eloise Hughes- Smith. The pair were travelling on the Titanic unbeknownst to each other.

Eloise with her new husband and father to her unborn child and Robert returning from a business trip in London. Eloise was among the many women separated from their husbands on deck and placed into a lifeboat.

Robert is said to have jumped from the sinking ship swimming with no clothes on for hours in the waters until he was rescued. This is a claim that is widely discredited, survival time having been determined at just 15 minutes in the water.

Despite the odds, the pair met on board the Carpathia and became friends, two years later they were married in August 1914.

Lucky Bride and Groom John Pillsbury Snyder and Nelle Snyder

There were reports that crewman could be heard shouting on board for brides and grooms to be put into lifeboats first.

This could be founded in truth, as a rare surviving newlywed couple John Pillsbury Snyder and Nelle Snyder were lucky enough to be paired in a lifeboat together.

They had been honeymooning celebrating their new marriage on board the Titanic and were amongst the first to find themselves in a lifeboat pulling away from the sinking vessel.

They both went on to live happy lives, having three children and living until the age of 74 for John and 94 for Nelle.

Daniel Warner Marvin and Mary Marvin

Newlyweds in love on Titanic - Mary Marvin and Daniel Warner-MarvinDue to an unfortunate acceptance of an invitation extended by a family friend the next couple we speak of were thrust into their fates by Captain Smith.

They originally intended to sail back home from honeymooning in Europe on board Carpathia, but Captain Smith extended the invite for them to join him on Titanic’s maiden voyage.

They accepted and from there, their love was doomed.

Mary was carrying Daniel’s unborn child and when disaster struck Mary was placed in a lifeboat despite her resistance in leaving her new husband.

Daniel is said to have called out to Mary;

“It’s alright little girl. You go. I will stay.”

Mary recounts the last moment she saw Daniel is when he threw her a kiss as her boat pulled away.

Naming their daughter, born October 1912 Mary Danielle in memory of Daniel Marvin, Mary went on to marry Daniel’s best man.

She remained silent about her experiences on board the Titanic, and only recounted tales to her grandson.

It is said that Mary kept a film role of her wedding day and of the Titanic that Daniel took before they boarded. Both she threw into a river near her home before she passed away in 1975.

We are sure there were plenty of other loving couples on board the Titanic on that fateful day, as well entire families, parents and children. Through retelling their stories and continuing to delve into the history of the Titanic these poor individuals remain lost but will never be forgotten.

30 James Stree – Home of the Titanic is dedicated to keeping the memory of those on board the Titanic alive. Our stunning Liverpool hotel is well worth a visit for anybody looking for deeper insight into the Titanic legacy.

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