10 Things to do this weekend at 30 James Street - Home of the Titanic

10 Things to do this Weekend at 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic

If you are looking forward to spending a weekend at 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic but are unsure about where to go and what to do, try one of these 10 city centre activities to keep you entertained.

Learn the story of RMS Titanic

RMS TitanicFrom the very comfort of your luxury Liverpool hotel, you can learn a lot about the history of the RMS Titanic. All around the hotel guests can learn about the lives of passengers who were on board the vessel when she sank.

There are artefacts from both RMS Titanic and RMS Carpathia, the survivor’s rescue ship, displayed throughout the hotel and rooftop restaurant. Our helpful staff can lead you on a tour around the most interesting parts of the building once home to the White Star Line shipping offices.

A most famous part of the building is the balcony from which the sinking of RMS Titanic was announced. Those undertaking the dreadful task being afraid to venture out into the crowd of desperate relatives, all waiting to learn the fate of loved ones aboard the vessel.

Visit OPEN Eye Gallery for the North: Identity Photography and fashion exhibit

NORTH: Identity Phootgrpahy and fashion - OPEN Eye
Liverpool-born photographer Linder Sterling

OPEN Eye Gallery is a fantastic visit for any photography enthusiast but this weekend visitors are in for a real treat.

The North: Identity, Photography and fashion exhibition explores how Northern England has inspired the visual culture of today.

The work of fashion’s most famous photographers will be on display including prints from the likes of Nick Knight and the inspiring work of Alasdair McLellan.

Amazing icons from northern England have been a source of fashion inspiration across the globe. Alongside displays of inspirational fashion photography visitors to OPEN Eye can also enjoy memorable fashion items worn by such icons in the last few decades.

OPEN Eye makes a worthwhile visit for anybody who has a passion for fashion and a love of photography.

Take a step through the Wardrobe to Narnia

Step through the Wardrobe Narnia Experience

Perhaps better with the kids, but even if you are visiting Liverpool without minors a visit to Narnia is still a must.

Everyone can remember reading The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe, or if not have at least watched the movie adaptions.

If you’ve always dreamed of making a visit to Narnia, now is your chance at St George’s Hall’s recreation of a wintery wonderland through an entrance wardrobe full of fur coats.

Once you’ve arrived in Narnia you carry on the journey as if you are one of the children from those favourite childhood novels.

Take the opportunity to experience out a childhood fantasy in Liverpool this weekend.

Artwork separated by two centuries at the TATE

Tracey Emin and William Blake - TATE For enthusiasts of the art world, the TATE is always a great visit.

This weekend sees a visiting exhibition “In Focus” comparing pieces of work by Tracey Emin and William Blake.

Two artists separated by 200 years yet seemingly, when compared, have surprising links in the messages portrayed through their work.

Part of the “In Focus” series the exhibition explores different artworks from artists in detail, often focusing on the impact they had on the society of their time.

Both an educational as well as enlightening experience to be had at the TATE this weekend.

Relax in Morgan’s Spa

Morgan's Spa - weekend at 30 James Street

Whilst spending a weekend at 30 James Street try to escape to Morgan’s Spa to relax in the tranquil space beneath the streets of Liverpool.

Located in the depths of 30 James Street this calming space is the world away from chaotic city life, giving you a chance to enjoy a few moments of calm and serenity.

The spa is equipped with a large hydrotherapy pool and sauna and has a range of indulgent treatments available for you to choose from.

As the spa is in the hotel itself there’s no better excuse to pamper yourself this weekend at 30 James Street.

Liverpool Philharmonic Chamber Music Series at St Georges Hall

St Georges Hall Liverpool Philharmonic Chamber

Some of the world’s greatest string quartets, vocalists and recital artists will be performing in St Georges Hall Grand concert hall. Taking place during the Chamber Music Series organised by Liverpool Philharmonic.

St George’s Hall has been selected as the acoustics and visual surroundings are breath-taking.

This weekend sees Russian-born pianist taking to the ivories for a piano recital featuring the work of Bach, Brahms and Liszt’s extraordinary Transcendental Études.

A fabulous way to spend an afternoon enjoying splendid classical music in an iconic Liverpool venue. Performances begin at 14:30pm on the 12th February.

Go for Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany's FACT cinema

source; www.vantiyfair.com

FACT is one of Liverpool’s most interesting leisure venues, home to modern art exhibitions, studies of the future, science and space.

This weekend, however, the FACT cinema is taking a nod to the past screening classic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Sunday at 18:00 pm.

This movie featuring leading lady Audrey Hepburn has gone down in history as a beacon of style. Make sure you get your seat at this retro screening of an iconic romantic movie a tale of impossible love and a definite must see.

Check out the Titanic Exhibitions at Merseyside Maritime Museum

Ismay's Story Merseyside Maritime museum Already home to a wealth of Liverpool’s extensive maritime history, the Merseyside Maritime Museum are hosting a series of small exhibitions, performances and talks centred around RMS Titanic.

Visitors this weekend can witness a moving theatrical performance detailing the story of Bruce Ismay. Ismay has always been at the centre of blame for the Titanic tragedy. As Chairman of the White Star Line, a lot of focus was put on the profit to be made from the Titanic journey and of course the press coverage that such a voyage would bring to White Star.

The actress, playing the part of Ismay’s younger daughter Evelyn, will bring Ismay’s story to life, and perhaps shed some light on how the disaster affected his life.

Starting times 13:30, 14:30 and 15:30 12th February.

Pride and Prejudice at Playhouse

Pride and Prejudice at PlayhousePerhaps known as England’s most famous period love story, Pride and Prejudice will be taken to the stage at Liverpool’s Playhouse this weekend.

This iconic Jane Austen novel has been adapted to TV dramas, movies and even an alternative novel involving Zombies which also became a movie.

A ‘will they, won’t they?’ love story that has straddled the ages depicting the restrictive societal boundaries of 18th century Britain but still keeping us all on the edge of our seats.

If you haven’t read or watched Pride and Prejudice or simply love the story then a visit to the Playhouse this weekend is on the cards.

Showings are Saturday at 14:00 pm or a later showing at 19:00 pm

Enjoy a nightcap on the terrace

Carpathia rooftop - weekend at 30 James StreetWhen your exciting day out in Liverpool is done and you’re ready to call it a night make your way up to Carpathia’s rooftop Champagne Bar for a well-deserved nightcap.

As you sit under the stars gazing at the beauty of Albert Dock’s sparkling waters you can reminisce on your weekend at 30 James Street and all the fantastic memories you have made in Liverpool.

Wrap up under a blanket as you sip on your favourite cocktail of choice or pick from a list of select wines or refreshing beers to choose from.

Why not spoil yourself and go all out with a bottle of champagne, after all, this is your weekend at 30 James Street, enjoy yourself.


We hope our guide to the weekend helps you enjoy your time in Liverpool, stay tuned for more of what’s coming up in the city so you can plan your next visit soon.

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